GLEC no longer is providing Testing for EPA-608, R410A and NATE Certifications. NATE has hired a company to provide Remote Monitoring of the Testing Online for both NATE and EPA-608. You can take from any Computer at your Home or Work. The cost is also cheaper this way. You can schedule a Test whenever you desire! Go to NATE website:

TESTING9-11-2023; Updates to Remote Live Online Proctoring for NATE Exams
NATE’s remote Live Online Proctoring platform offers technicians a more convenient and accessible way to take their exams. With just a webcam, a computer, and a stable internet connection, technicians can now take their NATE exams online at a time that fits their schedule, making the certification process more flexible and accessible than ever before.
The Live Online Proctoring platform is now provided by Meazure Learning, the premier provider of online testing services for the higher education and professional testing markets. As a result of this partnership, all NATE Live Online Proctored exams are now seamlessly administered through Meazure Learning’s ProctorU platform.
You can learn more about Live Online Proctoring, as well as view a step-by-step tutorial of Meazure Learning’s remote proctor experience, on the NATE website.
ATLANTA TESTING OPTION: Call Stan Smith at (404) 391-1159
GLEC will still provide the following ONLINE classes only.
NATE Online Classes are $84 each.
EPA-608-Study-OL Online Class is $66.


    UPDATED: This class has been Updated to prepare you for the following:

    • The New EPA Rules of 2016-2018.
    • The New Refrigerants.
    • The New EPA Certification Test Questions starting 2019.

    What this Class is: 

    • This is an ONLINE class only.
    • There are eight (8) Videos (127 min) (with audio) to watch and listen where I underlined the important content for you to review, understand, and memorize for the Test.
    • There are a few documents for you to Print to aid in your studying.
    • After you have done the all above, and close to Test time, you can listen to the Audios, repeatedly, where I state the important content you should memorize for the Test.
    • Lastly, there is a sample Online Quiz of about 25 Questions each for the Core, Type 1, 2, and 3. You take this Quiz online and can take many attempts to learn the answers.
    • This class style is all about you learning and memorizing the key points for the Test.

     What this Class is NOT: 

    • There is NO Classroom component. 
    • There is NO Test Prep Guide shipped to you.  See “EPA-HSK” if you want that.
    • This class does NOT review the whole EPA-608 materials.
    • The Test is NOT included here. See “EPA-RT” for the actual Certification Test.
  • NATE-(ALL)-OL NATE ONLINE Study Class with Sample Quiz

    • We are a NATE Approved Training Organization.
    • See Table above for the various NATE Test Preparation Classes offered.
    • Table shows there are several ONLINE classes that prepare you for two (2) NATE Tests.
    • NATE – North American Technician Excellence. For more information go to
    • These are ONLINE classes only. There is no Classroom component.
    • The Test is NOT included here. See below for the actual Certification Test information.
    • There is a “Summary Sheet” you can Print from the Online Class Video page.
    • The Sample Quiz has Questions for you to help learn the material for the Test. It is not graded.
    • You can access this class as many times as you desire.
    • You have access for four (4) months from purchase date. More time may be approved.
    • There is NO Certificate upon completion.
    • Continue to “Full Detail Descriptions”below for more information.

    NATE Class / Test Abbreviations

    HP = Heat Pump Service (Air To Air)
    AC = Air Conditioning Service
    GS = Gas Heating Service (Air Furnace)
    OL = Oil Heating Service (Air Furnace)
    AD = Air Distribution Service (Duct Design)
    HG = Hydronics Gas Service 
    HO = Hydronics Oil Service
    LC = Light Commercial Refrigeration
    RC = Commercial Refrigeration
    CO = Core (Basic HVAC Knowledge)