Testimonials from our students


just wanted to thank you for the class. Really like your method of delivery. You have inspired me to further my engineering and design knowledge, I am working on the (STATE License) Application right now and (I am) looking forward to seeing you in the Exam Prep. Review Class. Thanks again!! Oh and thanks for the (car) jump by the way!

I’m not in the field on a daily basis and that Exam was very difficult for me, I wouldn’t have passed that Exam in a million years without these courses! Especially Manual “J” and Manual “D”. Thanks for all you did forme!

WOW!! Many questions on the exam was covered and tabbed for future reference. That really made the exam a breeze. Thank you, keep up the good work.

I just got an email confirmation that I passed my exam and was approved by the board. Thanks for all your help. I don’t think that your classes could have been any better. Your Manual J & D, and the exam prep review class had me way over prepared to the point that the test was no sweat. Thanks again.

Thank you so much for sharing your gift of teaching and preparing me for the condition air exam. Your insight is remarkable, I have learned a lot from your class and felt very prepared while taking the test. I passed the Non-restricted portion of the test.God Bless 

Thanks again for your patience and teaching technique. I really finally grasp the way to take this exam. Thanks again!

Thanks, a million! I am very appreciative of your help during class, and your study guides approach to learning. Don’t think it would have been so easy without your help. Thanks again.

I really enjoyed the classes, great class, great format, and great atmosphere.

Thanks for all your help!! I would not have passed without taking your classes.

I took the Exam for the 1st time and PASSED!!!! Couldn’t have done it without this class, it is a must!

I passed my exam with an adjusted score of 93. I could not have done this without your courses. With 21 years of experience I still could not have passed this exam without your exam prep review course.

I would have never passed the CA License Exam without your help.  Your classes even helped me tremendously in passing the Tennessee exams. I have been doing HVAC for over 40 years and I learned a lot. Thanks so much.

Mr. Garrison Michael is very professional, smart and  does a great job explaining the testing process.  I personally recommend taking his courses before attempting to apply for state licenses.  It surely will save you lots of time and heartache.

Classroom settings were comfortable easy to find from any location. The class had a relaxed atmosphere, snacks, and several breaks. The students were also encouraged to help one another. Garrison accepts feedback from students to tweak any necessary future improvements.

In closing, my opinion this class is absolutely needed to pass this exam the first time!!!

Garrison, I took your Manual J and Manual D classes back in February.  I also took your “CA” exam prep class back on September 20-21.  I went and took my exam on October 10 and man it was a hard test.  One of the hardest I have ever taken.  There were a few questions that I had never seen, but for the most part there were a lot that we did go over. I’m writing you to let you know the results of my test; License # CN###### Conditioned Air Non-Restricted.  I don’t know my test scores but I found my license on the Georgia Secretary of State website. I just want to say thanks for all your help. It really helped me pass this test. I don’t think I could have passed it without taking this exam prep class. God bless and take care.