Before you make Payment Read and Understand the following Pre-Requisites for the R410a Training & this GLEC Class

    If not, you should go back to the Class Detail Page before you make payment!

    • All CEU Classes are ONLINE Only. There are NOT any P2P In-Classroom classes.

    • CEU’s = 4 hours. This is a Four (4) hour Online Class.

    • The CA Licensing Board requires four (4) hours or units per year, due by November 30th on Odd numbered years.

    • This Class does not include any Certification Test. See Certifications.

    • There will be Sample Test questions throughout the Preso that you will have to pay attention to and answer correctly before moving on.

    • Your “time” is monitored while you are viewing this class; four (4) hours is required.

    • You can stop and re-enter the Online class several times. However, this is also being monitored and excessive amounts will disable all access Online.

    • Upon completion, you will be able, while Online, to request the “Certificate” be directly emailed to you.

    • Whence payment is made, you have eight (8) months to take the Class. If you have any unusual circumstances, you can request an “extension of time” which should be made in writing (email) to us.

    • Whence payment is made, there is no Refund.

    ONLINE CLASS: You can watch the Video’s on a PC or MAC, on Tablets and I-Phones and Android phones. The Video’s are like You-Tube video’s and are 12 – 18 minutes long.

    • There are about Sixteen (16) video’s on this subject.

    The acceptable Internet programs for viewing our video’s in are:
    1.Google Chrome
    2.Mozilla Firefox
    (Internet Explorer did at times not work well, definitely not IE8 and older.)

    I have Read and Agree to the above Pre-Requisites for this Class:

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    CLASS PRICE:The Price is $50.00.

    PAYMENT METHODS:(If paying by check, please make out to Garrison Michael)

    Online: The BEST way to pay is to “ADD to CART” and make payment using MC, VISA, Discover or PayPal. If you desire to use AMEX, (or any CC) you can send me request by email to send you a PayPal Invoice. If you have a PayPal account, you can just send payment to my email:
    You do not have to join PayPal to make these payments.

    -The following methods will delay your access Online until your check has cleared:

    Checks: are accepted up to 2 weeks before any P2P In-Classroom class starts, if the check is a common local Atlanta bank. Non-local Atlanta banks are accepted but may require more time before the P2P classroom class can start.

    Company check: you can send me request (by email) to send you a PayPal Invoice and W9, if needed.

    Cash: payments are NOT accepted at this time.

    Thank you.
    We appreciate your Business.
    We look forward to assisting you in your Training needs.